St. Columban Restoration Project






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In 2005, a group of descendants decided to start a fundraising effort to repair an old Irish cemetery in the

Town of St. Columban

– located about 40 miles N/W of Montreal.




After 5 years of efforts, on July 3rd 2010, the group was able to unveil the project

that included inserting broken headstones into three (3) walls.


The project is on-going.
































PSC Community Theatre


The PSC Community Theatre was started in 2006 and has presented

more than 20 productions

over the last 5 years.


It also acts as a fundraiser to provide a

free youth theatre program in our

community of Point St. Charles.



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Here I am introducing the play, as I do at each performance


Monthly Discussion Salon


On the 15th of each and every month for more than 20 years, I have hosted an Open Discussion Salon at my home.


Over the years, there have been more than 100 participants with a core average group of about 30 people.


The group discusses a wide range of issues such as Current Events; Philosophical ideas


We find the Art of Conversation, in the age of e-mail technology, to be stimulating especially when the particpants have different but passionate ideas about a given subject.


On this site we have a special Forum section dedicated to these types of discussions. You must be a member of my blog to log in.


Then by clicking on Home and then on Forums, you will be directed to an area where you can reply to a topic - or post your own topic.



Point History Society


I have been a member of the Conseil d’administration (Board) since 2006 for the Société d histoire de Pointe Saint Charles (Point St. Charles History Society)


This group is dedicated to preserving the history of Point St. Charles – one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Montréal.



(Click on logo above for more information about the PSC History Society)



                                                             Each year, we also present a


                                                        “Joe Beef Market”


                                     where we bring live history to the community.



  Here I am playing the Here       H







Here I am playing the part of                                               I am with the local                                    


Lord Nelson at the 2009 edition                                         Borough Mayor where we unveiled


of the Joe Beef Market                                                        an effort that I highlight


                                                                                               the History of Centre St. in  the Point..




Other Interests



Some of my other interest include:





Although not a member of any Political party, my opinion is that people should be involved in the process. In the last Montreal municipal election, I was the co-candidate (in the Peter McGill riding) with Louise O’Sullivan in her unsuccessful bid for Mayor of Montreal  





Over many years, I have written articles generally for trade or specific publications on various topics including:

General Business

Geneology & History

Security Systems & General Security Topics




A graudate of The School of Modern Photography, over the years, I have won a number of awards for my photos




Research of family history & Irish immigration are also of interest




For 7 years I was a member of the Dollard des Ormeaux Fire Department


It was great experience with a terrific team of firefighters.








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